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Who We Are Shiny Garage

Shiny Garage was created in 2012 by a group of auto detailing passionates. Our products have a very good price-quality ratio, which makes them stand out from the rest. Not only are our products efficient and affective, but they also give the user a sensual experience thanks to their surprising combination of colors and fragrances. Auto detailing passionates like to surround themselves with beautiful things, that is why we work hard to make every detail of the packaging pleasant to look at.

We do everything we can to keep up with the dynamics of the auto detailing market. Hard work and devotion to customer satisfaction drive us to meet ever-growing customer needs and expectations. Before anyt product reaches the client it is thoroughly tested here at the company, as well as by experienced auto detailers throughout the country and abroad. This test phase allows us to eliminate possible flaws and accurately respond to market expectations. We encourage you to contact us, not only to place an order, but also to ask us or discuss any issues connected with auto detailing and the proper use of our products.


Products Shiny Garage

Ultimate brake upgrades for track or street

  • Snow Foams, Degreasers, APC
  • Bug and Tar Removers
  • Shampoos
  • 13.Lakier
  • Wheels and exterior plastics
  • Interior Care
  • Accessories

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