Honda Zoomer Ruckus


TROPOS F 1 KOSHIR GARAGE honeycomb Carbon Fiber scoop

Racing inspires a lot of what we do here at DROWsports. We also know that when the GET engine gets up-bored, it needs more cooling help. With that said, putting the two together only made sense as we looked at the NSX-R and thought, “we can make a radiator scoop like that!”We’re proud to introduce the DROWsports Honda Ruckus GTN Radiator Scoop! Unlike many of those aftermarket plates or covers you see, this is a fully functional design to get air across the radiator and force more in.


Never again will you have to worry about your Honda Ruckus over heating! The Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Velocity Radiator Cooler creates a ram air cooling effect for the stock 50cc engine. Utilizing all factory mounting holes, the Honda Ruckus Velocity Radiator Cooler can be installed in minutes!

  • Honda Ruckus GET Engine
  • Fully Functional
  • Used stock Honda Ruckus GET radiator screws